"VAX/VMS Troubleshooting" rev 0.C available

From: Rich Beaudry <r_beaudry_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Aug 25 22:57:00 2003

Hello all,

I have a document called "VAX/VMS Troubleshooting" available. It came from
a former DEC employee, but I have no DEC hardware, so it is up for grabs,
free -- but you pay shipping.

It looks like a laser-printed copy, 3-hole punched and in a blue Digital
binder, 220 pages, single-sided. Title page says "EY-5315E-P0-0001",
"VAX/VMS Troubleshooting", "Ruth Goldenberg", "Revision 0.C". Each page
says "*INTERNAL USE ONLY* on top, along with the date. This was obviously a
work in progress, as the dates all vary, but they are mostly all from 1985.
A few of the pages are loose (the holes tore through), and a few pages have
writing, but this is a very clean copy otherwise.
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