OT: Ship based mainframe in movie(1961)

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Date: Mon Aug 25 23:09:01 2003

This is what the international movie database (imdb.com) says at

<< As Lieutenant Fergie Howard and Ensign Beau Gilliam are playing poker on
board their ship, "El Mira", they are interrupted with the announcement that
"Operation Honeymoon" has been launched successfully. This is due to Max the
computer- a computer that can pin point exactly where and when a missile
will land once it has been launched. This information gives Fergie and idea
of how to become rich quick and easy. He asks the navy scientist, Jason
Elderidge, if Max can tell where a ball will land when playing roulette- the
answer is, yes! When they dock in Venice, Fergie, Beau and Jason check into
an expensive hotel and hit the Venice Casino. The three soon find out that
becoming rich won't be as easy as they think, for, Admiral Fitch is staying
in the same hotel- just two floors above them. If Admiral Fitch discovers
what the are doing, they are in big, big trouble.>>

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> On Mon, 25 Aug 2003, McFadden, Mike wrote:
> > While changing channels I came across a movie, "The Honeymoon Machine"
> > staring Steve McQueen from 1961. They were using onboard ship mainframe
> > computer to compute odds for roulette wheel and using signaling lantern
> > to send messages to/from ship to casino. Computer named Max. Interesting
> > use of military computer system.
> That is pretty cool. Was that basically the plot for the movie? If so,
> it sounds like I could stand to watch the whole thing :)
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