HP-85 Re: anyone in rochester?

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Tue Aug 26 13:38:59 2003

At 11:22 AM 8/26/03 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a source willing to get me 4 RL02 drives, a bunch of cartridges for
>same, and a bunch of RK05 packs - all located in Rochester, NY. He's not sure
>he wants to ship. Any chance a listmember could pick up for me and ship for a
>>From same source I might also get a microvax, RSX distros and manuals, etc.
>I now have an RK05 drive, so I am hoping to get my 8E up and running in a
>fashion. Still need 16 sector packs for the RK05 though. Oh, and I also
>recently acquired an HP-85, man that thing is cute!

  Yeap, they make nice little instrument controllers. I was reading 'Fire
in the Valley' last night and it has a chapter on the HP-85. Funny to think
that HP actually thought that the 85 could compete with the IBM PC as a
general purpose computer!

Anyone have an assembler
>rom module they will part with, and an advanced programming rom? Or better
>yet, has anyone managed to reproduce the ... whatsit called... rom
>pack, so you can copy the roms and use them that way?

    Yes, someone has that going and I think you can download the ROM images
off of the net now. But I THINK you have to have the Programmable ROM
Assembly. I haven't kept up with it and I'm sure that VP or someone else
here can tell you more than I can.

>Jay West
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