Cromenco Z2 power supply (or equivalent)

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Date: Thu Aug 28 00:34:00 2003

Mike, Didn't receive my private answer ?
I sent it to you the 26th. Let me know, I think there is a problem with
the mails I send you.



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Subject: Cromenco Z2 power supply (or equivalent)

> Hi Sergio:
> I've got one too, from a Z-2 I scrapped some time ago, but unfortunately
> I'm in Canada, so shipping would be just as problematic as for Joe in FL.
> I assume you need the whole back panel (31x43x13 cm,10kg) since all the
> are discrete and mounted on it. If you want to construct one, maybe it
> would be practical to send you the parts, especially the transformer;
> the diodes and caps (130,000 and 29,000 mf, x2) you could probably obtain
> there. Voltages are +/-18V and +8V (No -8V), but I can't find any mention
> of the current rating (but it's adequate for light arc-welding, I'm sure).
> If you like, I can scan and e-mail you the schematic.
> By the way, congratulations on your countryman winning the Hungarian
> GP and setting several new records in the process; quite an achievement!
> mike
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> Sergio,
> I think I have one but I'm in Florida and I expect that the shipping
> would be EXPENSIVE.
> Joe
> At 08:13 PM 8/25/03 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi again. I aproach the occasion, even when I hadn't idea of speak
> >about it. Somebody knows where I can obtain one Power Supply
> >(original or equivalent) for one Cromenco Z2 backplane ?
> >I can't check yet more information, but I'm suggested that it uses
> >+8v, +18v, -8v and -18v power. Some people has give me kind
> >information privately, but I should like to obtain one PS before
> >try to construct one here.
> >
> >Thanks in Advance.
> >
> >Sergio
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