WS-FTP and the AssHoles at Ipswitch

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Date: Thu Aug 28 04:55:00 2003

> That's a good start. You should also file a complaint with the BBB
> (Better Business Bureau). Finally, for a good FTP client from a good
> company, might I suggest Van Dyke Software?

I don't know about your neck of the woods, Sellam, but here in Central Florida
where Joe and I live the BBB is little more than a shakedown for small
businesses. Each time they call me to solicit a membership and I tell them
that I'm not interested, they close the conversation by stating that "there
have been recent inquiries concerning your company" and "we'll get back to
those who inquired and let them know that you're not a member in good
standing and that you refused to provide us with information regarding your

And BTW, what's wrong with the FTP client provided with Win9x? Sure, it's
command-line only, but IMHO beats paying for a GUI version . . .

Just my two cents worth . . .

Glen Goodwin
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