Osborne 1 monitor questions

From: Dave <dfnr2_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Aug 28 14:10:00 2003


Thanks to the help of several of you, I have, after
reparing the power supply, been able to verify that
the CPU is running, and using the .PDF service manual,
am able to get a signal on the video pin (8) after
replacing the contrast pot. However, the monitor
still produces no output. I have a couple of

1) Is there a SAMS or some other document that
discusses the monitor operation?

2) What's the simplest way to use an external monitor
for testing?

3) Does the monitor use the +12V line on the connector
from the CPU board for all its power, including the HV

Unfortunately I don't have an HV probe at the moment,
so I'm being cautious about poking around the CRT.


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