Osborne 1 monitor questions

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Thu Aug 28 14:37:00 2003

> 1) Is there a SAMS or some other document that
> discusses the monitor operation?

I have a tech manual that is a little different to
the one Al Kossow has on his site. It includes
some information about the little monitors (IIRC
it has, for example, the original manufacturer's
data). I'll happily upload to somewhere but the whole
lot is probably somewhere between 100MB and a whole
CD. It includes things like the User's Guide (which
you probably do not need right now).

> 2) What's the simplest way to use an external monitor
> for testing?

No idea. I do believe that you need to plug in a little
adapter on the front though and that must be done with
the power OFF.

> Unfortunately I don't have an HV probe at the moment,
> so I'm being cautious about poking around the CRT.

Do you not have schematics in the pdfs you have?

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