How do you bring up a MicroVax 2000?

From: Doc <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 18:10:01 2003

SP wrote:
> Perhaps is a problem of the cable and terminal you are using.
> I have one DEC cable with MMJ connector, and use one VT-102
> or one Compaq Portable with Kermit using VT-102 emulation to connect
> with the Microvax 2000.
> Just curious... Do you have in the back of the Microvax one Box with
> three MMJ connectors ? This is neccesary to connect with one Serial
> Terminal (someone correct me if this is a mistake)

   I had a couple of VS2000 (Same box, with graohics) and routinely used
a nearly-standard PC-type RS-232 null modem cable. You have to short
two pins at the VAX side, but I do not remember which two. I found the
pinouts in some FAQ or other online.

   Also, remember that on all the desktop VAXen I've run, the *printer*
port is the console. Zane, Eric, is that absolute or no?

   Sorry I don't have the pinout, but IIRC, it's the same cable needed
for the MVII console.

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