How do you bring up a MicroVax 2000?

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Aug 28 20:31:00 2003

At 03:31 PM 8/28/03 -0700, Zane wrote:
>> Perhaps is a problem of the cable and terminal you are using.
>> I have one DEC cable with MMJ connector, and use one VT-102
>> or one Compaq Portable with Kermit using VT-102 emulation to connect
>> with the Microvax 2000.
>> Just curious... Do you have in the back of the Microvax one Box with
>> three MMJ connectors ? This is neccesary to connect with one Serial
>> Terminal (someone correct me if this is a mistake)
>You just made me remember something. Joe, dig up the OpenVMS FAQ. If
>you're trying to connect via the 9-pin (or is it 25-pin) serial connection
>you'll probably have to make a special cable to connect, the pinout on the
>KA630 class systems is a bit odd as I recall.

   The FAQ that I read does show a specail cable for use in connecting to
the 9 pin port (J3) but it also says that J10 is a standard 25-pin serial
port. that's the one that I'm trying to use. The VS 2000 is interesting.
The ports change function frequently!

 There is a MMJ adapter, but
>they're pretty rare.

    Bummer. There goes that idea.

> Zane
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