How do you bring up a MicroVax 2000?

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 12:35:00 2003

Zane H. Healy wrote:

>>Perhaps is a problem of the cable and terminal you are using.
>>I have one DEC cable with MMJ connector, and use one VT-102
>>or one Compaq Portable with Kermit using VT-102 emulation to connect
>>with the Microvax 2000.
>>Just curious... Do you have in the back of the Microvax one Box with
>>three MMJ connectors ? This is neccesary to connect with one Serial
>>Terminal (someone correct me if this is a mistake)
>You just made me remember something. Joe, dig up the OpenVMS FAQ. If
>you're trying to connect via the 9-pin (or is it 25-pin) serial connection
>you'll probably have to make a special cable to connect, the pinout on the
>KA630 class systems is a bit odd as I recall. There is a MMJ adapter, but
>they're pretty rare.
The ||PPP sounds like a bad ground connection to me.

If he is trying to use a 9 pin port using the commonly available
9-pin cables that a PC uses, it isn't going to work. DEC designed
their 9-pin connector before IBM came out with an incompatible
version, and the IBM version became the standard one.

If you are using a MMJ cable, check the wiring. The two center wires
are ground, and the two bracketing those are the transmit and receive.
The two bracketing those are for flow control, and aren't really
needed if you use xon/xoff.

If you need the pinout, it's in the VT220 manual, among others.
If you can't find it, let me know and I'll look it up.
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