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Date: Fri Aug 29 08:46:00 2003

What would be more useful than the color names (which can be used for different RGB colors) would be the Pantone or Munsel numbers. The DEC logos were trademarks. Does anyone know if the exact colors need to be specified when a trademark is registered? If so, then this information might be available from the federal trademark registry.


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Standard 8/e is of course Amber and Terra Cotta. I've seen 8/F and 8/L
in that color scheme, as well as Orange and Terra Cotta for the 8/M.

Less standard color schemes for which i do not know the official color
names are the Industrial-8 colors (red and dark-blue), and another
8/e in light-blue and dark-blue.

-Lawrence LeMay

> The standard pdp/11 front panel colors are magenta and wild rose.
> >From memory the 8/e front panel is mustard and burnt orange
> Each DEC computer family in the 60's / early 70's had their own
> color. The LINC/PDP-12 was light and dark green, the 9 was a different
> shade of orange than the 8/e, and the 15's were light and dark blue,
> which was different from the PDP-10 blue.
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