Conversion problems

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 08:52:00 2003

I regularly notice, that people want to convert some old media, if for nothing else then just be able to read them in a few years.
I normally have some time on my hand, between jobs (horrible customers), so I can offer my services to those who need them, within reason. This offer is only valid for, lets call them hobbyists. For commercial conversions, normal rates will apply. As long as you guys reimburse my direct costs (postage, free beer while doing your job :-) ) I am satisfied.
Take a look at on what I can do.

This is not an improper ad; I am very aware of the fact that if nothing is done, much of the IT history will disappear. Many collect hardware of different kinds, but the same is not the case for software.


-- It has been noticed, that hackers and other lowlifes use my e-mail address as a hiding place.
I regret the inconvenience these pirates give you
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