DEC logo (was: DEC colors)

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 09:59:00 2003

I don't have a vector file, but I do have some files which people might
find interesting. I have a scan of an 11/70 rack header panel which has
been retouched in Adobe Photoshop: (97405 bytes)

I also have two Adobe Illustrator files of a re-created 11/70 rack
header panel which I made based on the original scan. The first of
the two Illustrator files includes the very large original scan, so
if you don't want that, please don't download it. The second file
only contains the Illustrator version of the panel. I think that
this reproduced image is very good and could be used to reproduce
a graphic for these panels: (4596764 bytes) (169499 bytes)



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>BTW: Does anyone here happen to have a vector-graphic file of the digital
>logo? In any color?
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