How do you bring up a MicroVax 2000?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Fri Aug 29 10:55:00 2003

> The H8571-J MMJ to DB9 adapter...

Not that one.
The H8571-J mentioned earlier is for the PC-AT standard DE9
that Dec begrudgingly accepted later and not for early Dec VAX
like the mV2000 and the mV-II.

Here is a DEC pn to search for the MMJ adaptor for Dec's wiring
I'd rate 'pretty rare' as worth about $15... H8571-B

At any rate, wiring your own DE headshell cable is reccomended
activity for all people on the list, it's not hard and it's personally
gratifying <g>.

John A.
Received on Fri Aug 29 2003 - 10:55:00 BST

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