(OT) ZN448E ADC chip

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwight.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Fri Aug 29 18:05:52 2003

>From: "John Honniball" <coredump_at_gifford.co.uk>
>Peter Turnbull wrote:
>> It's over 10 years old, and it's microprocessor-compatible, but it's an
>> analogue to digital converter chip, not a computer. It's also not in
>> my spares box, and I need one. Does anyone have a spare? Or a data
>> sheet?
>I only have a couple of ZN428 chips, and the data sheet for them. I may
>have data for the ZN448 -- I'll have a look. It was a Ferranti part,
>if that helps at all.

Many ADC had a large number of replacements. The trick is finding
them. There was no uniform part numbering for these, like was done
in the TTL world.
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