Vax emulator?

From: Matt London <>
Date: Sat Aug 30 03:47:00 2003

> I have access to licenced VMS install CDs that came with some uVaxen
> some time ago at the University where I work. The systems have been
> surplussed long ago but we kept the software. If there a decent
> (free) emulator that will run these on a Windows/XP or Linux PC?

You might want to check out SIMH - that's a free simulator, compiles under
windows and linux (and numerous other architectures). It's got a MicroVAX
simulator (MV3500 IIRC), as well as a good few others.

ALTAIR/ GRI/ I1401/ Interdata/ PDP10/ PDP8/ VAX/
AltairZ80/ H316/ I1620/ NOVA/ PDP11/ S3/
BIN/ HP2100/ Ibm1130/ PDP1/ PDP18B/ SDS/

The SIMH VAX simulator works well enough for me to install and run OpenVMS
7.2 + Multinet. As far as relative speed is concerned, on a P4 1.8G
running linux, it's slightly faster than my MV3100/10e and my housemate's
MV3520. I've not got any fast VAXen to compare it with - but it's fast
enough :&)

-- Matt
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