OT: RoadRunner Blacklisted, Blocking Bounce Messages!

From: vance_at_neurotica.com <(vance_at_neurotica.com)>
Date: Sun Feb 2 11:18:36 2003

Time to find a new ISP, I think.

Peace... Sridhar

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Bill Richman wrote:

> After getting a number of "Are you still alive?" messages from various
> friends on the web, and having sent similar messages to them when I
> received no response to other e-mails, I made an infuriating discovery.
> RoadRunner is listed in several blacklists (dsbl.org for one), and a
> number of ISPs are blocking e-mail from their domain (at least from
> RoadRunner Nebraska - nebr.rr.com). RoadRunner's response was to fix the
> open relay and get delisted, right? Nope. Their response was to state
> that they "don't negotiate with blacklists" and promptly _blocked_ all
> mail from dsbl.org to RoadRunner users. Hence, I would send e-mails to my
> friends, they would be bounced due to the blacklisting, and I would have
> no indication of a problem because RR's block would prevent the "bounce"
> message from getting back to me. Bastards. At least one person I was
> corresponding with is no longer speaking to me because they thought I was
> ignoring them. I'm about ready to start a class action suit, although
> they probably have something in the fine print that prevents that. GRRR!
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