Digital DNAS CD request & CD list

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Date: Sun Feb 2 11:18:41 2003

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> Boy, I would sure like to have a copies of the Infoserver VXT,
> Infoserver1000, and the Infoserver Disk and Tape Access CD's! As
> a matter of
> fact, should some kind person loan them to me I would be amenable
> to making
> some copies of these CD's or most any other appropriate (owned by the
> lendor) CD to show my appreciation I'd even be happy with an ISO or
> equivalent - heck, I just easy to please!

I'm hoping I'll be able to use EasyCD Creator to do bit by bit backups of
some of the CDs so I'll let you know how I get on, assuming my burner is
behaving itself - it has a habit of going offline and the only thing that
brings it back is a power cycle which takes bloody ages on this machine
since it's all UltraSCSI. Having said that it doesn't take as long as a
Compaq Proliant ML370 :)

> OT: What is the VXT Host Software(VAX)? Something to allow loading a VXT
> from a VAX instead of from an Infoserver?

Yep. You needed a VXT with a minimum of 10mb RAM from what I remember, which
is why I never played with it as all our VXTs had 4mb. I wish I'd saved more
of them now but I only had room for 1 :(

> You have a fine collection of goodies there!

Thank my ex-ex-company for binning the whole lot when it suddenly became
'legacy' and they started chasing the M$oft dangling carrot!


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