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Date: Sun Feb 2 11:18:47 2003

On Sun, 2 Feb 2003, Ed Tillman wrote:

> Actually, DEC is still somewhat around -- it was absorbed into Compaq in
> 1997, and, of course, Compaq was absorbed into HP last year. As such,
> HP now holds all the rights and histories to everything DEC and Compaq.
> DEC/Compaq provided contract on-site tech support to my current and past
> two retail firms. HP provides those services now, with the same (if
> older) DEC and Compaq field techs. I still work with many of them in my
> current tech support position.

But DEC as a company is long gone. I am *well* aware of what happened
with the DEC -> Compaq -> HP thing.

> I don't know about DG at all, but Honeywell still makes peripherals,
> including digital cameras, for modern systems. Honeywell's done
> cameras, through its photographic division, since at least 1959, in
> association with the Japanese firms Petri and (later) Pentax. They also
> had flirting relationships with Vivitar and Minolta. I still love my
> ancient Honeywell/Pentax 35mm and it's Vivitar lens collection.

This doesn't count.

> And, while we're asking, does anyone know what happened to Burroughs?
> As I left the Air Force in 1991, I was working with a cantankerous,
> already jurassic, cobbled-together system produced by "Convergent
> Technologies -- an abortive fusion of Burroughs and NCR. It's "banded"
> 512K memory board nearly neasured a square foot by 1.5" thick, and was
> banded to *prevent* it from accessing a full 1Mb of memory.

Burroughs and Sperry merged to form Unisys.

Peace... Sridhar
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