OT: RoadRunner Blacklisted, Blocking Bounce Messages!

From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Sun Feb 2 11:46:04 2003

Bill Richman <bill_at_timeguy.com> wrote:

> RoadRunner's response was to fix the
> open relay and get delisted, right? Nope. Their response was to state
> that they "don't negotiate with blacklists" and promptly _blocked_ all
> mail from dsbl.org to RoadRunner users.

I side with and fully support RoadRunner. Open relays are a very important
Classic Computing feature, and every true ClassicCmper must support them.

> I'm about ready to start a class action suit, although
> they probably have something in the fine print that prevents that. GRRR!

The class action suit should of course be against the blockers. We really need
a law that guarantees penalties for spamblockers 10 times greater than those
for spammers. If you send spam, you get 1 year in prison. If you assault an
open relay operator, mangle E-mail addresses, or do anything else to desecrate
the Classic Computing tradition, you should get 10 years in prison. If a
spammer gets 5 years in prison, spamblockers must get 50 years.

Michael Sokolov
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