Any Amiga users on this list?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sun Feb 2 11:57:00 2003

--- teo zenios <> wrote:
> I thaught most if not all were SCSI hd's
> The amiga A590 used a rare XT IDE drive but allowed use of scsi using a
> different connector.

There was at least one expansion that was IDE - the IVS Trumpcard,
perhaps? Most were SCSI. One real problem going forward with 68K
Amiga hardware is the limitation of 4GB per *device* (not partition).
The newest ROMs, AFAIK, accomodate larger sizes, but, much like the
rest of the computing world, when they were young, drives grew vast
beyond initial expectations. Certainly in 1983-1985, drives over 4GB
were not a worry (back when DOS was struggling with 30MB partitions).

As for SCSI reliability in Amiga enclosures, I wouldn't be surprised
if a) they were dodgy drives to begin with (Connor, Kalok, etc.), or
b) there was insufficient cooling. I always did my own enclosures
for external Amiga drives (recycled older boxes were larger, but
much cheaper) and never had a problem.

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