Atari ST Help

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 09:13:00 2003

> I have my original Atari ST 512 still...

You're not the last mountain standing.

> 1. It has an AERCO Easie-ST Ram upgrade board in it,
> that is no longer recognized. This board will use 1mb
> x 8 chips to take the system to 4mb (which is max for
> this machine).

Never heared of.

> I know it's a long shot, but does anyone have the
> manual for this, or can point me to where I can get a
> RAM upgrade for this old machine?

Nup. Usualy these Boards just connected to the two
additional bank select lines from memory decoding
and did hook up the data/address bus. From my what
I can tell, the chips usualy don't get bad. It is
always the wireing, often just doen by clips to
avoide soldering. Check them and chances are good
to get it back to life.

Wait, you said 512, as in a sraight 520, with just
512 K of Ram, the first series (together with the
256 K model)? Well, in this case you had to change

The best way nowadays would be looking for a Mega ST 4,
a Mega STE, or a Falcon. They are quite fine machine.

> 2. I'd like to throw an 80mb SCSI External drive I
> have on it, so I'm looking for a SCSI Adapter for an
> ST. $100 + s/h for a new(?) one from one of the
> remaining dealers is a bit steep...

> Does anyone know of a cheaper source for one, or have
> an old Atari Drive with a bad mechanism I can buy to
> salvage the adapter?

Again, the cheapest source is finding an Atari HD
for your system. It would be pure luck to find a
controller for the basic ST models Without an attached
computer and Harddrive.


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