From: Computermuseum <>
Date: Mon Feb 3 13:49:00 2003

I think that you all didn't saw that i was forgotten to put an 's' inbetween
the b and the c of unsub(s)cribe.

That's why I posted it two times... so the one who clames that I posted
'unsubscribe' twice ... lies...

Read your messages closely!!!!!!!


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[]Namens Frank McConnell
Verzonden: maandag 3 februari 2003 20:19
Onderwerp: Re: Columbia - THIS THREAD MUST DIE

Yow, Grumpy Ol' Fred is top-posting:
> But the absolutley most OFF-TOPIC post of all, is sending an UNSUBSCRIBE
> message to the list. Everybody makes mistakes. But doing that TWICE
> invalidates one's rights to gripe about off-topic posts.

Here's a little clue for everyone. Every message from this list
(and others run by Mailman I think) has some headers in it that
tell you (among other things) how to subscribe and unsubscribe:

  List-Unsubscribe: <>,
  List-Id: General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts
  List-Post: <>
  List-Help: <>
  List-Subscribe: <>,
  List-Archive: <>

Some of these are even valid webby links, so may be usable by the
pointy-clicky set.

> Time to return to discussions of guns and automobiles!

Don't forget the molten iron!

-Frank McConnell
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