[cc] RE: OT/Admin: tags

From: Fred N. van Kempen <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
Date: Tue Feb 4 15:02:00 2003

Sellam raged:

> Here's what I see when I get an index of the my mailbox:
[ pine display removed]

> Here's what it would look like with a pre-pended tag:
[ more pine removed]

> 3/5 of the message topic lines are now gone, making them practically
> useless for getting a quick scan of the message subjects.
Oh. You mean, your stupid mail client cant even widen its display? Get
a real mail client then, dude.

See how fucked-up that comment is? Right. Same goes for another comment
stating that "every decent mail client can do processing". It's simply
not true. Like my statement above. People use all sorts of clients, and
they all have different capabilities.

> I just read and delete through as I go through my inbox.
Try that on my mailbox.

> But, what I'm saying is, we did already go over this in the Great
> Divergence. MUST we REPEAT this STUPID ARGUING over HOW the LIST is
Settle down, dude.

> I mean SHIT! I have never met a more whiny-assed group of nerds in my
> life! If the whining on this list over all the stupid little shit that
> gets whined about could be converted into energy, we'd be able to power
> Asia.
I don't feel like powering Asia. Just my own home would be nice, given the
VAXen here.

I still vote for a small [cc] tag. In front of the subject.

> Just accept it already and SHUT UP!

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