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From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Tue Feb 4 16:37:00 2003

Personally, I find the [list name] tag to be annoying and redundant... I can
see what list the message is from based on the To: header easily enough, thank
you :-)

Jay West said:
> People wrote...
> > Yes, please... *every* other maillist I subscribe to has [mailistname]
> > prepended to the "Subject" field...except for Classiccmp, which generates
> > three times the message traffic the others do combined...
> I personally prefer to have the listname in the subject field [cctech] for
> example. I really can't say way, I just like it that way. Maybe it's because
> every list I have ever been on has it that way, and we all know how prone
> people are to think the first way is the "best way" *GRIN*.
> That being said - this has come up for discussion several times in the past,
> and pretty much the majority of people said don't put it in so I left it
> out. However, if the majority opinion has changed, I'd be happy to add it
> back. Tis up to you folks! :)
> Jay West
- Dan Wright
(UNIX Systems Administrator, School of Chemical Sciences)
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