OT/Admin: tags

From: acme_at_ao.net <(acme_at_ao.net)>
Date: Tue Feb 4 16:40:01 2003

From: Fred N. van Kempen <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
To: Glen Goodwin <acme_at_ao.net>
Subject: OT/Admin: tags
Date: 02/04/2003 12:10 AM

> Given the volume of the list, and the many off-topic (lets not discuss
> what is and is not on-topic here) talk, I would like to propose [again]
> that we do like other lists do: insert a tag [cctalk] in the Subject:
> line of the postings, so it's easy to distinguis the postings from
> other, perhaps more pressing e-mail.


> I don't want to start Yet Another Discussion, a mere vote would do, as
> we're all techies who know what this is about.

My vote, FWIW: the list works fine the way it is.

Later --

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