Is there such a thing as a ZIF socket for PLCC chips?

From: Jim Kearney <>
Date: Tue Feb 4 18:46:01 2003

> > Any ideas? Any recommendation on a source for adapters?
> for the DIP version, so the mapping might not be 1:1. I will check with a
> Ohmmeter and find out.

Ethan, I checked my adapter and it is 1:1, so if you want to borrow it that
would be no problem.

A 28F010 is a 5V-program device, so actually you can program it in any
system that takes a 512KB DIP RAM, with a little jumpering and appropriate

I would offer to program them for you, but oddly enough the Data I/O
programmer I have doesn't seem to have an Erase command on the menu. I
guess it's intended as a "production programmer".


p.s. I found another LJ p+s adapter, too.
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