[OT] Anyone experienced with white LEDs?

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Tue Feb 4 18:51:01 2003

> Any good websites w/info on how to figure out how many LEDs I'd need to
> make about a 40W (or more) lightbulb worth of light?

If you're thinking about "traditional" LEDs, the answer is "one heck of a

Common 40W incandescent bulbs are reated from 445 to 490 Lumens

A 1W Luxeon white (5500K) LED produces 18 lumens, so you would need 25
to 27 of them to produce the equivalent output.

If you don't need the light to be white, the cyan 1W Luxeon produces
about 30 lumens.

Docs available at www.lumileds.com. Lumileds used to be
(part of?) HP Optoelectronics.
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