Collecting, Hacking and the Spooks (was: Gulf War, dummies,

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Feb 4 19:28:51 2003

> By the way... today the Sears repairman arrived to verify the validity
> of complaints from my parents about their new washer and dryer
> (absolute pieces of cheaply-made and annoying junk - beware) that

That, alas does not suprise me. Very little made today is made properly.

> replaced approx. 25 and 35 year old machines that were well made and
> worked nicely (until Sears/Whirlpool discontinued parts to repair them
> with). His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he looked around at
> my collection of electronics and computer equipment; as he was

Yes, serious computer collections have this effect. As do serious

> leaving, he remarked that he hopes that no one calls the eff b aye
> about what all I have, as they might think I'm "building a satellite

Since when has building a satellite been illegal?

> or something." Zog! Now, are those of us in the US to be considered
> criminals because we collect, build and hack all sorts of computer and
> electronics equipment as a harmless hobby (or is the knowledge and
> ability to do this now considered dangerous by our elected idiots,

I am convinced that most governments don't want to deal with a public who
can think for themselves (after all such people might realise what the
government is trying to get up to...) That's why they try to dumb
everything down...

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