A590 (was Re: Any Amiga users on this list?)

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Feb 5 13:53:00 2003

--- Tomer Gabel <tomerg_at_bigmail.co.il> wrote:
> The A590 IS a SCSI interface... SCSI-2 FAST if I remember correctly. Also
> has an external SCSI connector.

It has an XT-IDE interface (40-pin) inside _and_ a SCSI interface (50-
pin). The external connector is a DB-25 wired for SCSI like a MacPlus.
The SCSI chip inside is a Western Digital WD33C93. Given the external
connector, I don't _think_ that it's SCSI-2 Fast, but it's been a long
time since I've had to configure an Amiga SCSI chain.

Anyway... the critical info is a) SCSI & XT-IDE, b) SCSI external via
DB-25, c) WD33C93 chip to drive it all, and d) vertical clearance for
a 1.6"-tall 3.5" drive. Given all of that, you should be able to
determine compatibility with what you want to hookup.

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