From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Wed Feb 5 13:54:00 2003

Jay wrote:
> You wouldn't be able to run 2000/Access, as that requires the IOP
> firmware, which to my knowledge was only officially produced for the
> 2100 cpu and the 21mx M SERIES ONLY.

I thought so too, until I found a table in a CE handbook that lists
the part numbers for the 2000/Access IOP firmware options for the
2100, M-series, and E-series.

Many people seem to have incomplete F-series machines, which do not
actually have the floating point unit. I believe that it would be
necessary to downgrade those to an E-series in order to use them;
the necessary change would simply be to install the E-series microcode,
as the CPU board is otherwise identical to a late-model E-series board.
Then the E-series IOP microcode could be used, if we had it.

> there is one hard to find thing needed for every
> single version of TSB ever produced... the 3 card set called a
> 12920/12921 mux. It's what all the user terminals were connected to.
> THAT seems to be the real devil to find.

I think that's the "smart" mux. The earlier versions of TSB (A, B,
and C) needed a different, "dumb" mux, which counted on the CPU to
bit-bang each character, thus were limited to 300 bps max (at least for
TSB). The "smart" mux is used on 2000 C' (AKA High-Speed 2000C), E, F,
and Access. I don't have the relevant part number information handy.

> Or, if the source for Access or E or C, C', F is around
> perhaps the code could be modified to work with other mux's that HP
> made.

Scanned printed listings of the source for C' and E are on my web site.
The only machine-readable source code I've got is for 2000 Access.
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