Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 21:31:01 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Eric Smith wrote:

> CI was normally run with two redundant paths. I'm not sure if
> an eight-port SC008 has two separate transformers to support that,
> or if you just had to use two SC008s. It would be desirable to
> run the redundant paths through physically separate Star Couplers,
> which suggests that each would only have one transformer (two for
> a 16-port).
One star coupler is sufficient for both paths. Where to plug path A vs
path B is clearly labelled and the CI protocol detects crossed cables.

Other than for some degree of path diversity, two SC008's were typically
used if you had HSJ50 or higher controllers which could saturate a ci with
many nodes. Also, the full bandwidth of the HSJ80 cannot be achieved
without multiple SC's and CIPCA's (or other ci widget) on the host end.
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