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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Wed Feb 5 21:50:00 2003

I got this message on one of the Commodore mailing lists. This may arrive
too late, but may be of (significant) interest to Commodore and Amiga folks.

Hello, Commodorians,
        The following has not been verified yet, but it seems that
Centsible Software, the largest vendor of C= and Amiga software, might be
the target of an unfriendly buy-out, unfriendly meaning that the new
owner has no concern for the C=/Ami community.

                                        Read on and decide,
                                        Robert Bernardo
                                        Fresno Commodore User Group

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      C E N T S I B L E B U Y O U T H E L P R E Q U E S T

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Editor's Thoughts and Introduction:

 We received the following notes from Bill Griffin too late to include
in the last issue. As a well known member of the Amiga community, we
would have included at least the first note in the issue had we seen it
in time.

 We are treating this as a news item, not as an endorsement on our
part of Bill's requests. If you choose to participate, it is your
decision and at your own risk, as is the case in any business
arangement. We have carried offers from Amiga Inc. as part of news
stories, and similarly for other companies as part of news stories. The
situation at Centsible is certainly newsworthy, so news this is.

 Since one of the founding principles of Amiga Update is to get news
out when it's fresh, not necessarily on a regular schedule, we are
providing this information while it's new and still relevant to the

 Best of luck to all concerned!!

 Brad Webb,


      C E N T S I B L E B U Y O U T H E L P R E Q U E S T

2 Feb 2003

 I'm sorry I'm contacting you after you have already put out the AU
newsletter, but I am in desperate needof help from our Amiga Brethern.

 AS you know, I am the publisher of "the NEW AMIGANS" magazine. What
you might not know is that I am also working at Centsible software
part-time. I was recently informed by Scott (the owner) that another
party has made an offer for the company. At first, I thought I would
simply have to contact them and get new advertising set up. But I
found out just Thursday that the other party intends to dissolve the
company and sell off the inventory on ebay "a little at a time" over the
course of several years.

 Now Centsible is the only remaining source (as far as I know) for
several of the custom chips that are needed to maintain our Amigas (as
well as for C64s and C128s). If the other party takes the inventory, and
one of our computers break down, we may be SOL on getting them repaired
(unless the chips needed JUST HAPPEN to be on ebay at that moment).

 Scott told me that if I can match their offer of $2,000 down and
$2,000 on delivery of inventory, he would finance the rest of the
buyout (at 0% interest). Now I can scrape together about $1,000. But that
would be needed for opening the new store location (rent,
utilities, phones, etc). I have a person who is offering the loan me
$2,000 but it will take time to get the money out of his investments for
me to use. Scott has told me that whoever gets the first $2,000 to him
gets the company.

 I have already put out a plea to as many Amigans as I have email
addresses. And have been able to raise just under $1,000. I know you can
reach many more Amigans than I have addresses for. Could you
PLEASE rebroadcast this emergeny plea ASAP.

 For the contributors I have the following proposal:

 There are several fully functional computers in this inventory. I am
willing to offer choice of those units (I would need at least one to run
the business, but the rest would be up for grabs) to anyone who
contributes more than $100 or so (on a first donated, first to choose
basis). For the $50 and up crowd, I would also include the A500s (I know
of at least 5) and some software to make it a bit fairer.

 If the computer you like isn't available by the time the order works
down to you, I would offer store credit (possibly in the form of 125% or
so - of what you contributed, or a repayment of 110% of what you
contributed over the course of a year (much better than the stcok
funds are now offering).

 Any contributions under $50.00 (I'm open to all Amigans - my finances
are tight now too). I would offer the store credit (of 125% of their
investment) or 110% repayment at the end of the first year (so I don't
have to write out so many checks each month).

 I ask those who are interested to contribute via PayPal (simply
because it is the fastest way to get the money to me - and its a case of
who has the money in hand first that counts on this deal). If
anyone wants to send a check I would need it here via overnight in order
to ensure I have the money before the other person does.

 And, of course, if I lose the purchase, I will immediately refund any
and all contributions sent. My main purpose here is to prevent our Amiga
resources from dwindling down much further until the new Amigas can take
a toe-hold. To make your paypal contributions (of ANY size) simply go to
the paypal website and click on send money. Use my email address
( in the "Pay To:" section and follow the rest ofthe

 PLEASE don't let this important parts and software resource die. Help
me maintain the integrity of the dealership know as Centsible

 Finally, because the other party is NOT and Amiga user, BUT DOES
auction Amiga stuff, I have reason to believe that he follows the
Amiga News Groups. Sinsce I don't want to end up lossing the company to a
"bidding war" I ask that nobody place this on an NG. But PLEASE forward
it to EVERY Amigan and C64/c128 user you know.

 Thank you


Its gonna be a heck of a century!

Bill Griffin,
G&G Publishing Enterprises
Home of "the NEW AMIGANS" magazine
Ask about our new, US-based, Amiga Magazine
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          C E N T S I B L E B U Y O U T U P D A T E

3 Feb 2003

 So far we have raise only $700 of what is needed for the downpayment
on Centsible. I have found an investor who can get another $2,000 to me
in about 2 weeks.

 Scott has now told me that He will not be making any calls to the
other party to get money from them until the weather clears. Which he
doesn't see hapening for at least a week. However, if the other party
send the money to secure the deal (on their own) Scott will be
obligated to honor the deal and we will lose Centsible Software

 This affords us a SLIGHT chance to finish up the job and save
Centsible Software. It also means that those of you out there who
want to help, but don't have credit cards (or who don't want to go
through PayPal) have a chance to get in on this deal. I have enough time
(barely) to accept contributions via mail.

 I will simply hold the checks (uncashed) until I either get enough to
complete the deal, or the other party gets their money in first. If that
happens, I simply send back the uncashed checks. This way, if any of you
have interest earning checking, you won't even lose the
interest on your money.

 Again, I am willing to accept help in any dollar amount and all the
terms I stated in my proposal apply. I only ask that, if you send help
via the post office, you email me and let me know it as well.

 To send your help via mail, send it to:

Bill Griffin
PO Box 447
Edwardsburg, MI 49112-0447

 And put the words "Centsible Buyout" on the memo line.

 PLEASE rebroadcast and forward to as many Amiga and C64 enthusiasts
as you possibly can. And thank you, in advance, for all your help.


Its gonna be a heck of a century!
Bill Griffin,
G&G Publishing Enterprises
Home of "the NEW AMIGANS" magazine
Ask about our new, US-based, Amiga Magazine
Or check out our website at ..


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