MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable

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Date: Thu Feb 6 02:30:00 2003

On Feb 6, 0:53, Tony Duell wrote:

> I've had far too many problems with the normal moulded cables --
> like marginally-rated cable (certainly not 6A), earth not properly
> connected, live/neutral reversed, no strain relief, and so on that I
> refuse to use them (and am grdually replacing all the ones here).

I've rarely had any problem, but then I'm generally reusing cables
sthat have been tested, and tend not to exceed the ratings.

> > The second version is a little larger, has the pins at right angles
> > the pins in the 10A version, and is rated 16A.
> If that's the one I think it is, it doesn't have 2 of the corners cut
> -- the connector is rectangular with rounded corners (all 4 the

Yes, I should have mentined that.

> What is the connector like the normal 'kettle plug' with round pins?
> only ever seen it in the chassis socket/cable plug configuration.

Dunno -- that might be one of the Bulgin range? Or do you mean one in
which the housing also looks a bit like three cylinders welded
together, instead of a rectangular block with corners cut off? That's
also an IEC connector, rated 2.5A. I've seen a couple of laptop power
suplies with those.

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