MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu Feb 6 16:47:00 2003

> > I've had far too many problems with the normal moulded cables --
> things
> > like marginally-rated cable (certainly not 6A), earth not properly
> > connected, live/neutral reversed, no strain relief, and so on that I
> now
> > refuse to use them (and am grdually replacing all the ones here).
> I've rarely had any problem, but then I'm generally reusing cables
> sthat have been tested, and tend not to exceed the ratings.

I don't see how you can do a proper test without a visual inspection of
the connections... And I've yet to see a moulded connector that provides
a proper strain-relief for the cable.

> > What is the connector like the normal 'kettle plug' with round pins?
> I've
> > only ever seen it in the chassis socket/cable plug configuration.
> Dunno -- that might be one of the Bulgin range? Or do you mean one in


The cable mounted section looks like a normal 'cold condition' _socket_,
but there are 3 round pins sticking out of the face of it (where the
socket holes would be). The chassis part looks like the normal plug
(recessed into the panel, etc) with 3 holes in it in place of the normal
plug pins.

I've seen it used on some German stuff (some kind of mains controller
thingy). I don't think it was a custom connector. It may well be fairly
old, though

> which the housing also looks a bit like three cylinders welded
> together, instead of a rectangular block with corners cut off? That's
> also an IEC connector, rated 2.5A. I've seen a couple of laptop power
> suplies with those.

No, certainly not that one, and not any of the normal Bulgin connectors.

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