Prehistoric CAD system...

From: Jim Arnott <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 10:31:00 2003

This might help.

In the mid-eighties, I was making the transition from CADDS 4x to
DEC-Euclid. By late eighties, from DEC-Euclid to CATIA. Busy busy time
in the CAD world.


Dennis Eldridge wrote:
> In the mid-1980's I lived in Lowell, MA and my then wife (and briefly,
> myself) worked for a circuit board design company. Their primary CAD system
> was a PDP-11 based system from a company called, I believe, Telesys. It was
> a very good system from my recollection; it used a dual-display concept
> which was very efficient and had extremely good performance.
> The actual design consoles looked a lot like arcade video game consoles.
> There was a small monochrome CRT on the lower panel which displayed menus
> which one used a light pen to navigate through, and which was also used for
> drawing. One saw the results in "realtime" on the larger colour screen, all
> very sharp.
> Does anyone here have any more info on these. I do recall this being a
> *very* good system, but I can't find mention in my web searches.
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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