Strainge VAXserver 2000 card?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 12:36:00 2003

--- Kevin Handy <> wrote:
> Fred N. van Kempen wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >A strange find today, in the pile of stuff-to-figure-out.
> >
> >See attached pictures. Its one of those little option cards that
> >fit in the VS2000's "pizzabox" expansion unit.
> I'd guess it is the additional serial port card.
> The complete kit would have a cable and a harmonica box,
> to give an additional 8 serial lines.

I have a MicroVAX 2000 with a DHT32. It has a 36-pin Centronics-
style (Blue Ribbon) connector to go to the harmonica. The part
of it that lives in the base does not resemble these pictures (there
is also a daughter card that sandwiches among the Ethernet and
the memory cards). I don't have my MV2K here to check the internal
cable, and I don't recall if there's a 34-pin or a 36-pin or a 40-pin
ribbon cable connecting the two halves of the DHT32.

Could you photograph what's on the other end of the cable? That
would probably shed some light... the card you shown is the line
drivers for some other I/O component.

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