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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 15:46:00 2003

> Expen$ive! I bought two used CIPCA-AA sets last year, but have since
> found that I probably can't use them for what I'd intended. They're
> potentially available for trade, but since they were expensive I'd
> expect something fairly nice in exchange.

I just wish I had something you'd want to trade.

> I did NOT get the transition cable (DEC P/N 17-03427-01) with them, and
> resellers want a lot of money for it. The link module has a D-shell
> connector with four coax connectors (out of five positions), sort of like
> some monitor connectors on workstations. Without the DEC transition
> cable, it would be necessary to build a custom cable assembly between
> the D-connector and four TNC connectors. I have not yet located a source
> for mating D-connectors.

I've got the SC, HSJ, and even all these cables. I'm just
waiting to find a set of CIPCAs.
Eric Dittman
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