DEC CIPCA (was Re: Things FS (dec, ncd, sun, chips), and Info requested)

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 6 15:01:00 2003

Sridhar wrote:
> How much are going price on CIPCA's?

Expen$ive! I bought two used CIPCA-AA sets last year, but have since
found that I probably can't use them for what I'd intended. They're
potentially available for trade, but since they were expensive I'd
expect something fairly nice in exchange.

There are two CIPCA variants. The CIPCA-BA has one EISA and one PCI
card; the CIPCA-AA has two PCI cards. Only the common PCI card ("port
module") actually uses the bus. The other card ("link module", PCI or
EISA) just uses a slot for power.

I did NOT get the transition cable (DEC P/N 17-03427-01) with them, and
resellers want a lot of money for it. The link module has a D-shell
connector with four coax connectors (out of five positions), sort of like
some monitor connectors on workstations. Without the DEC transition
cable, it would be necessary to build a custom cable assembly between
the D-connector and four TNC connectors. I have not yet located a source
for mating D-connectors.
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