Old Computer Companies

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Date: Thu Feb 6 20:37:00 2003

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Jochen Kunz said:

>> On 2003.02.03 03:10 vance_at_neurotica.com wrote:
>>> > Norsk Data?
>>> I'm not familiar with them either.
>> I am not very familiar with them. They made some minicomputers in the
>> 70'es, mayby some other stuff too.
>I've seen (well, almost) Norsk Data machines in, hmm.. how should I
>phrase that: "big controversial power plants where security is quite
>important". This was less than ten years ago so I don't think they've
>"upgraded" them. Saw a couple of VAXen as well, 4000/90 if I remember
>correctly. The VAXes I saw were not in critical roles.
>(I checked, and they've replaced the Norsk Data system:
>http://www.tvo.fi/uploads/Outage_Excellence.pdf, works from google cache as

It seems, that Olkiluoto 1 still has the Norsk-data machines. They will change
those next year, so they might still keep all that hardware in stock for some
time until block 1 is also modernised.
If someone likes to save equipment, doc's or photoos, its time to act now...
(too far away for me...)

BTW, back in the seventies I was working for a large finnish company that build
(parts of) the security shutdown system of the Lovisa npp. They also build the
npp-operator's training simulator and I remember that it was using several big
Eliott computers from UK. What happened to them? I mean Eliott, not N...a

Frank Arnold
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