Old Computer Companies

From: Jarkko Teppo <jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com>
Date: Fri Feb 7 04:13:00 2003

Frank Arnold said:

> It seems, that Olkiluoto 1 still has the Norsk-data machines. They will
> change
> those next year, so they might still keep all that hardware in stock for
> some
> time until block 1 is also modernised.
> If someone likes to save equipment, doc's or photoos, its time to act
> now...
> (too far away for me...)

Now that would be a challenge ! I've visited the place once many moons
ago and I remember that the security was tight then but I'd have to
wonder what it would be like now...

"Uh, can I keep the hard drives ?"

(to wife) "But honey, with all that glow there's no longer a need for
light bulbs"

Ok, joking aside. I might see what can be done but I'm not expecting

> BTW, back in the seventies I was working for a large finnish company that
> build
> (parts of) the security shutdown system of the Lovisa npp. They also build
> the
> npp-operator's training simulator and I remember that it was using several
> big
> Eliott computers from UK. What happened to them? I mean Eliott, not N...a

I didn't know N was involved there as well. I thought it was all ABB.

Thanks for the info, it sure is (from a technical standpoint) an interesting
facility. Certainly not your average industrial complex :-)

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