MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable

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Date: Fri Feb 7 19:27:00 2003

On Feb 7, 23:21, Tony Duell wrote:
> > On Feb 6, 22:33, Tony Duell wrote:
> >
> > > I don't see how you can do a proper test without a visual
> > of
> > > the connections... And I've yet to see a moulded connector that
> > provides
> > > a proper strain-relief for the cable.
> >
> > A good PAT tester will check at a sensible current (though
admittedly a
> > lot only check earth continuity at a proper current). As for
> I've never met a PAT tester that tests the current-carrying
conductors at
> a significant current, mainly because there's no easy way to do this
> without dismantling the unit under test (if the cable is fixed) --
> maximum current you could pass would be the normal operating current
> the unit (by simply applying mains to it), which is not enough. Even
> you couldn't measure the voltage drop across one of the conductors.

A proper PAT tester to current standards has a socket for each end of
an IEC cable, and each cable is supposed to be individually tested with
both ends plugged in to the tester.

> > releif, well you're not supposed to swing the equipment by the
> > cable, Tony!
> True, but equally I don't expect the outer covering of the cable to
> out of the moulded connector in normal use exposing the
> wires inside. Which has happened to many moulded cables round here.

I've only seen one do that -- and it was an instant candidate for the
wirecutters at both ends. A proper visual inspection is supposed to be
the first part of the PAT.

> I assume you'd fail a rewirable plug with the cord grip missing/not
> on an electrical safety test. I certainly would.

Yes. The first thing I do with any multiblock is take it apart to see
how the ends are wired -- the cheap ones are usually in a condition
where I feel compelled to re-do the job.

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