MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat Feb 8 15:46:18 2003

> > I assume you'd fail a rewirable plug with the cord grip missing/not
> used
> > on an electrical safety test. I certainly would.
> Yes. The first thing I do with any multiblock is take it apart to see
> how the ends are wired -- the cheap ones are usually in a condition
> where I feel compelled to re-do the job.

I've stopped buying read-made ones. I buy the 4-way trailing socket (of a
known brand), a 13A plug, and a length of cable. And wire my own. It's
the only way I can be sure it's done properly. And then I test it. Not on
a PAT tester (I don't have one), but by measuing the voltage drop across
the cable with a significaunt current (10A-15A) passing and then a megger
test between the current-carrying conductors and the ground conductor
(normally at 1000V). If there's _any_ sign of problems I investigage.

That probably wouldn't count as an official test, but I trust it...

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