WANTED: RA7x Enclosure/Operator Ctrl. Panel

From: John Willis <jwillis_at_arielusa.com>
Date: Sat Feb 8 14:58:00 2003

As I understand it, the drives won't spin up without the panel. I
currently have full
technical documentation for pretty much every DEC hard drive EXCEPT the
One of my bosses was a field service engineer for DEC for 15 years, and
the other worked
for 22 years as the senior district representative for New Mexico, West
Texas, Colorado,
Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and was a storage subsystems specialist. They
both agree that
you need the control panel. They also both agree that I'm nuts for

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> Wanted: RA7x Enclosure/Operator Ctrl. Panel
        Are these things common/rare? Absolutely required or are they
        very nice to have? I have a couple of RA70 drives I got in a
        with some KDA50s. Was going to put them in my BA123 with a
        processor. Haven't had the chance - still using a pair of
        So... has anyone tried to put RA7X drives in a CPU (not disk)
        enclosure? If I'm hosed, then I guess I'm in the market for
        a drive enclosure, too (unless there's some way to hack up an
        old AT-style tower case...)

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