WANTED: RA7x Enclosure/Operator Ctrl. Panel

From: Heinz Wolter <h.wolter_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Feb 8 17:15:01 2003

google and a little rtfm always works;) 5 minutes!
looks like your expert bosses were wrong.
Summary RA7x drives don't need control panel, just proper jumpers.
SDI cables need to be wired to the [U/K]DA50 in odd numbers. eg 1
See pg 3-11 of kda 50 user manual: drives will go offline if unit numbers
are duplicated. ie don't set switches the same on all drives if missing

  As far as I can see this is hardware. The RA7x drives can either be told
  unit number by the OPC (the panel on the front) or they can have it
  set by switches somewhere.

  I wonder, does anyone here know anything about the KDA50? I've solved my
  problem (as it turns out, if there is no control panel connected, the drive
  assumes normal operation, i.e., spin up, go on-line, enable port A, no
  protect, and the unit number between 0 and 7 is set by the switches on the
  right side of the drive), but now I have a different problem: I can't get
  Michael Sokolov


  Page 2-25 of the UDA50 guide lists the LED codes. Basically
  a cycling-flashing pattern on both boards means OK. Otherwise
  you have a UDA50 problem.

  Assuming that's OK, remember that you need an odd number of
  SDI cables between controller and disk. Tyically 3 (controller
  to bulkhead, bulkhead to other cab bulkhead and finally other
  cab bulkhead to disk. Using just one cable should work (I did that
  in a MicroVAX III system inside a BA214 cab to go from a KDA50
  to an RA7x drive or two.

  If all that is OK (and assuming the cables are OK) the next thing
  to look at is the RA7x itself. In a MicroVAX cab or in a disk cab,
  the OCP (operator control panel) is used to set the disk unit number
  and bring it online. In your config I assume that you need to set the
  unit number using switches and possibly do something else to persuade
  it to come online. I'll go look up the details tomorrow, in the meantime
  you can start by checking the above.

  Good luck,


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> As I understand it, the drives won't spin up without the panel. I
> currently have full
> technical documentation for pretty much every DEC hard drive EXCEPT the
> RA70.
> One of my bosses was a field service engineer for DEC for 15 years, and
> the other worked
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