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Date: Sat Feb 8 15:45:07 2003

Just read some interesting articles of nostalgia on the Warner Qube site on
Yahoo while researching for an article I'm doing over here (England).

I was the first President of Warner Qube system in Pittsburgh which was the
first fully blown QUBE system after the Columbus, and what an experience. I
then went on to Milwaukee and Brooklyn,Queens.

If I can find any of my old info and if you are interested I will dig it out.
( I went on to help develop 2 of the largest U.K. cable/telephone systems for
Comcast as Managing Director of Birmingham England Cable and Comcast Teesside
(England). In each case we supplied cable and telephony service to more
resident than the normal provider (British Telecoms)

Hope this may be of help, if only historically.

Ted Campbell
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