TTY ASR-33 Platen?

From: George R. Gonzalez <>
Date: Sat Feb 8 15:45:24 2003

I have been blessed with *two* Teletype ASR-33's. Apart from a minor
cleaning, they are going to be just fine. EXCEPT the rubber platens are as
hard as Chinese arithmetic! In case you havent experienced this, if the
platen gets hard, the printer doesnt print well-- the typehead kinda bounces
off the paper and doesnt leave a clean dark mark.

I've tried the usual remedies-- acetone cleans them up, but they're still
rock hard.

I need some suggestions! Should I try ArmorAll (known to soften rubber,
given time), "Platen cleaner", "belt dressing", "french dressing", or what?

Note that I don't need to clean or make it "grippier", it needs to be
softened, a lot.


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