PS2 Mouse

From: Martin Marshall <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 12:54:01 2003

TeoZ wrote:
> Those adapters are passive connecters. Some USB mice made my microsoft and
> Logitech (I have those brands of USB optical mice) have both ps2 and usb
> logic built into them and the software drivers. Same thing with the PS2 to
> serial adapaters ( have a few with Logitech cordless keyboard and mice
> package). If you try connecting a ps2 mouse that isnt serial compatible to a
> serial port you get all kinds of crazy things. I have seen KVM switches that
> have ps2 and serial connections for mice but specifically state you can use
> one OR the other but not both types at the same time.

I use a KVM like this:

This is a Cybex SwitchView. Note that the console ports are ps/2. The
computer ports have both ps/2 and serial mouse connections (don't
connect both serial and ps/2 mice cables to one computer). Use a ps/2
to AT keyboard adapteron the ps/2 keyboard cable and the serial mouse
cable for AT boxes. Use both ps/2 cables for ps/2 boxes.

Note that not all Cybex SwitchView KVM's have both serial and ps/2 mouse

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