PS2 Mouse

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 12:56:00 2003

Maybe I didnt explain what I want to do well enough.

I have a 4 port SOHO KVM switch (4 computers to 1 monitor, ps2 mouse, ps2
keyboard, 1 pair of speakers, 1 microphone, also switches USB but no way a
386 will do USB).
This device only uses ps2 inputs and outputs for keyboard and mouse, not
serial mice.

Using an adapter would just feed a ps2 mouse signal to a serial
communication port causing all kinds of hell on the KVM switch like giving a
digital signal to a device waiting for analog data. Even if the mouse could
run serial and ps2 the mouse would detect the device its attached to (kvm
not the computer) as ps2.

The only way to get what I want would be to get an onboard ISA card that
accepts ps2 mouse input that is being fed to it from the KVM.

I was hoping some industrial computer company would have made such an
adapter card so that you would free up the serial ports for communications
to other devices. This was done with Bus mice, but that interface quickly
died out so I assumed they might have made one that used PS2 (since ps2 mice
are still plentiful new) to retrofit the older systems. If a card did exist
it would most likely be in a cheap surplus equipment bin since 10+ year old
industrial computers would be getting replaced by now. Only other option is
to replace a perfectly good 386DX40 computer with a name brand Gateway 386
type of computer that had ps2 ports built into its proprietary motherboard
which I would rather not do.

So for the moment I am stuck with another mouse on my desktop.. things could
be worse. Just seeing if there was a more elegant solution.

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> > I wanted a PS2 mouse not keyboard connector.
> > I mentioned AT as case and motherboard style, ATM motherboards came
> > with ps2 ports built in.
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> Would a DB9 Serial to PS2 adapter work? I know I see those all the
> time. Might have to conduct a test soon and get an old 386 hooked up
> with one of those adapters just to see if it will work...
> -- Otter
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