PS2 Mouse

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sun Feb 9 13:17:31 2003

> I have one of those for my Logitech trackball. However, I don't think
> they are general-purpose USB-to-PS/2 adaptors. Such a device would

I'm almost sure it's not general purpose.

> require quite a bit of intelligence and probably wouln't fit in the
> very small adaptor. More likely, those adaptors are passive connector
> adaptors that also signal back to the mouse (or trackball or whatever).
> When the mouse starts up, it detects the adaptor and changes the
> behaviour of the interface accordingly.
> Does anybody know for sure?

Well, that's certainly what most of the serial - PS/2 adapters supplied
with mice are. The mouse detects the adapter (or in this case detects the
12V levels of a serial port) and behaves accordingly.

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